Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Broadway Nails imPress Press on Manicure Review

One thing that makes these press-on nails stand out from all the rest is their adorably cute packaging. Each set of press-on nails comes packaged in container looking like a nail polish bottle! They are transparent, so you can see exactly which nails you’re reaching for- and they store easily among the rest of your polishes too. The cap twists off and the “bottle” opens up to reveal the press-on nails as well as a Prep Pad (to clean, sanitize and prepare the nail for maximum adhesion)! Each pack of imPRESS comes with 24 press-on nails in 12 different sizes, so you’re sure to find your match (hey, if it can match my tiny little pink fingernail, you’ll be able to find a size for you). Each nail is lined with a plastic film, with a tab hanging off the nail-bed end. First, I matched up all of my nails to their appropriate sizes (each nail actually has a number underneath it, making it a total cinch to match up both hands). Next I prepped all my fingernails with the included prep pad (smells like rubbing alcohol to me) and then peeled off the plastic tab underneath the press-on nail, slid it tight to the nail bed and pressed it down. Note- do this carefully! These nails are incredibly sticky and once they are down… they’re down. I was blown away with how well they stayed… usually I’m so cautious about ripping off a fake nail, but these felt so secure! I loved the fact there was no glue to mess with and they did look really beautiful once on! It was so quick too- it only took a few minutes to do both hands and best of all- no drying time! They come in a large variety of gorgeous colors and patterns so it’s easy to keep a few sets on hand for those emergency events or last minute date nights! There were a few things that I wasn’t too happy about- I have very small fingernails, so these hung off the end of my finger quite a bit making it really difficult to type with. I’d love to see imPRESS come out with a “short” version for those of us who spend our days on a keyboard (they are supposed to last up to a week, but I took mine off after a few days because I really needed to be able to type better)! They are really a one-time use only deal (unless you want to pull out some nail glue and glue them back on)- once you take them off (which you can do by peeling them off from the side edge), they really lose their stickiness and ability to feel secure.

NYC New York Color Showtime Glitter Eyeliner Review

The pencil eyeliner just comes with a plastic cap (no sharpener included). The cardboard packaging the liner is in has the ingredients in the back. There are some instructions about how to use and care for this product. It states that this liner is “smudge-proof, suitable for contact lens wearers [and is] dermatologist tested.” This color is in 944 Show Time Black. Then pencil glides on very smoothly and opaquely. It has a creamy texture with a lot of glitter, and it is visible when applied. After all: The first time I applied this, I noticed smudging, creasing and glitter bits under my lash line. I tried this again with powder . This time there was less smudging, but it still creased and had glitter fallout. Maybe this glitter pencil is more appropriate for a night out. This product needs an oil-based remover. I used my water based ones, and I still had product on my lids. Using my cleansing oil made removal super easy. Overall, this product was nice and creamy, but the glitter was a bit much for me. The color payoff is nice, but it is not smudge-proof as it claimed.